Case Studies:

What we've done for our Clients


We made them become the Most popular gym in the whole State!

When we worked with Gold’s Gym Imphal, we not only helped them increase their membership each month,

they’re now one of the most followed and popular high-standard gyms in the whole state of Manipur.

How we did it

We run paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram with incredible offers and stunning creatives. 

This got a ton of attention and enquiries. Eventually increasing their memberhips significantly.


When we took over their Ads, they couldn't keep up with orders and keep running out of Stock.

We recently worked with a Bamboo towel brand called Madake. After the first month, we see significant rise in customers.

In fact, they keep running out of stock and we got a call asking us to ‘Pause or reduce Ad spend’ as they couldn’t keep up with the demand!

How we did it

Instead of just running ads and sending people to a product page (like most ecommerce ads do), 

we send traffic to a landing page, where we use our High Conversion Copywriting and sales strategies to create high perceived value of the products, 

which increases demand further, then they go to the product page to buy.

That, combined with our retargeting and stunning creatives as always,

is how we got them from 300% to over 1300% Return on Investment!

Send people to a landing page where you tell your story, product benefits and your mission first. Only then send them to your product page!



From barely visible to over 10k App Installs

Heiya is an innovative job search app. Barely unknown, we started promoting this App and boost brand awareness, double app installs and usage in just 2 months! 

How we did it

Again, instead of just running ads and sending people to the app link, we create a page and we highlight all the benefits of the app, to first increase demand. 

Then we add a button to install for those interested. This results in a much more qualified users too.

Increase desire and provide value first, ask later!



How we skyrocket their sales with Super Viral Video Campaigns

Torus is a luxurious yet affordable, premium sanitaryware brand based in Gujarat, India. We skyrocket their sales using videos that went viral and everyone starts asking for their brand at the dealerships!

How we did it

We ask them to send us their Manufacturing process, not just their end products. 

Then we create video ads showing their manufacturing process. 

We tell engaging story and people are much more engaged with story telling.

Eventually this went viral, resulting in tons of sales.


Remember to share your story, not just sell your product!


We got a lot more success stories... but we won't bore you with how good we are.

Here are all the brands we worked with